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Changde New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Yueyang, a national historical and cultural city. It's a supplier of fine chemical products and green chemical services with comprehensive utilization of resources and new chemical materials as the core business. By the end of December 2022, there're already five production bases in China.

U hoggaansanaanta ujeeddada shirkadda ee "siinta alaab tayo sare leh macaamiisha, bixinta goobo loogu talagalay shaqaalaha, bixinta soo celinta saamilayda iyo wax ku biirinta qiimaha bulshada", shirkaddu waxay si firfircoon u dhistay qaab ganacsi oo isku dhafan oo laba-gees ah "ka faa'iidaysiga dhamaystiran ee kheyraadka + walxo cusub oo kiimikaad", waxaana ka go'an in ay noqoto ka faa'iidaysi dhamaystiran oo kheyraad ah iyo shirkad wax soo saar cusub oo kiimiko ah oo leh awood korriin. Waxay dhistay tiro saldhigyo ka faa'iidaysi oo dhamaystiran oo khayraad ah oo taageeraya ganacsiyada wax soo saarka ee caprolactam ee gudaha.

While systematically solving the problem of caprolactam byproducts in the industry, the company has extended the development of a series of high value-added fine chemicals such as cyclohexene oxide, N-pentanol, cement admixture, etc., providing green, low-carbon and circular development service solutions for upstream and downstream enterprises. Around the propylene oxide base in Central China, the company has developed polyether amine, a new energy material with wind power as the application scenario, and built a special amine new material production base, which provides important materials for the development of green and clean energy under the background of "energy dual control", "peak carbon dioxide emissions, carbon neutrality", and helps the low-carbon transformation of national energy structure and the green transformation of economic development.

The company implements the development concept of "green, characteristic, outstanding" and commits itself to the direction of "green". The company intensively cultivates the comprehensive utilization of caprolactam resources, and is an enterprise that realizes the comprehensive utilization of caprolactam with double process and three wastes. Comprehensive utilization products have been included in the preferential catalogue of the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation. It is one of the 108 advanced environmental protection units in the petroleum and chemical industry in China during the 13th Five-Year Plan period. Focus on "characteristic" products, to be a individual champion and supporting expert in the field of subdivision. the market share of cyclohexene oxide, methyl cyclohexane and 1,2-diaminocyclohexane is in the forefront, the OSB building materials auxiliary is in the international advanced level, and the production capacity of polyether amine and polyether polyol is in the forefront of the domestic counterparts.

The company is the third batch of specialized and sophisticated enterprises that produce new and unique products "little giants" firms. Uniting to excellent development, the company will adhere to the market-oriented, value creation as the goal, science and technology as the support, to achieve sustainable development. The company fulfill the mission of "Searching for advanced and outstanding technology, keeping integrity and noble character", established a "trinity" collaborative innovation system of production, marketing and research to contribute to the development.

Changde has been awarded the title of Hunan Provincial Enterprise Science and Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Team, one person enjoys the special government allowance of The State Council, and has platforms such as "Hunan Provincial Enterprise Technology Center" and "Hunan Province Intellectual property Advantage Cultivation Enterprise".

By the end of December 2022, the company has authorized about 65 patents.